The amazing

swing trade letter

Use it as an extra income stream

we can help you build an strong profitable portfolio.
With 5 years experience on the US stock exchange and only trade stocks.
We use 100% technical strategies. That are found on the hourly, daily and weekly time frames

Are you looking to invest in the stock market but don't want to give your money away to a mutual fund. Or you don't have the time to learn how to trade.
Do you want to have control over your investments.

Here at Maik's trading company we understand your need, that's why we created the amazing swing trade letter.
We provide you with trade information idea entry stop target and management. You determent you own risk and use ower info to your own judgement.

What is the trading letter about

We will give you trade recommendations. How to set the right risk amount for each trade that is taken on. And how to write an easy and short trading plan on how to follow the letter.

Trading is all about consistence with a well written plan that is easy to follow.

Let use show you what is possible with trading through this swing trading letter and you will see how easy it actually is.

Why traders fail

- They have in their subconscious mind an believe that stops them from make money.

- Missing an strategy that works for them

- No game plan

- Not a consistence risk amount for every trade

I can only give you the advice you have to decide what you do with it.

*Trading is risk and you and you alone are responsible for taking the trade.
results may varia from person to person.

A quote that I live by
"I can only show you the door you have to walk though is"

I can give you all the tools all the information but if your not willing to take the opportunities in front of you then greatness is not in you.

This product is not available jet. If you are interested in the product or have questions about it contact me @

Monthly subscription


  • trade ideas
  • entry, stop, target
  • management
  • trade review
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  • trade ideas
  • entry, stop, target
  • management
  • trade review

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  • trade ideas
  • entry, stop, target
  • management
  • trade review

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